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Thursday, 20th June 2024

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2:15 Chelmsford City
2:40 Ripon
3:55 Ripon
7:30 Lingfield


Here’s the latest free Lucky 15 tip that landed four winners from four bets.

This produced a return of £192.84 for a £1 Lucky 15

We had a total of 22 winning Lucky 15 Tips in 2023.

All Four Won!

Look at these winning Lucky 15 Tips
from 28th December

Right after Christmas 2023, we advised four bets at Leopardstown and all four won!

This produced a return of £129.91 for a £1 Lucky 15

We had a total of 22 winning Lucky 15 Tips in 2023.

Lucky 15 Tips For Today and Where to Find Lucky 15 Tips

Looking for Lucky 15 tips for today?

When it comes to betting, the Lucky 15 is a common bet. This betting method is a multiple bet that combines four selections from different events.

You can choose from horse racing, football or any other sports that qualify.

There are a number of ways to build a Lucky 15. The simplest option is to pick four selections you think have a great chance of winning.

Usually, punters choose their Lucky 15 tips each day by making sure each selection has a good chance of winning back the overall outlay if it wins.  However, you may be looking for a different approach.

Another tip for Lucky 15 betting to consider is to place an each way Lucky 15 bet. In this variant, you effectively place a win-only Lucky 15 and a place-only Lucky 15.

This type of bet requires a different strategy, because the place-only part of the bet brings a whole different layer of possible outcomes. Of course, the return on this kind of bet will be dependent on the odds of any wins or places your selections achieve.

If you want quality horse racing tips for a Lucky 15 today, there are a few obvious places to begin.

They are a great way to get the most out of your betting experience. Whether you want to bet on a single horse or an accumulator, these sources of profitable horse racing tips can help you find the best bets around.

The Racing Post is UK horse racing’s trade newspaper and their website, and printed newspaper, contains vast amount of information. This can be used to easily build a list of Lucky 15 tips for today or tomorrow.

Although a lot of the data on the website sits behind a paywall, and the print version is very expensive, the free parts of the website are still extremely valuable.

Formerly the name of Sky Sports Racing, At The Races website contains valuable insight and data about forthcoming horses racing. The racecard includes odds comparison, a VR race predictor, pace forecast, and a good visual market movers tool. Individual horse profiles include detailed data such as sectional times, speed data and stride analysis.

For the expert racing fan, this website is a great potential source of Lucky 15 tips. is also the home of Hugh Taylor Tips. Taylor is one of the country’s most popular and well-followed racing experts.

Horse Racing Tipsters

There are a number of companies and individuals who make money selling expert horse racing tips. There are many top-class experts in this field. Professional tipsters such as Henry Rix or Paul Gargan have spent decades providing expert advice to gamblers.

Companies with a data-driven approach to horse racing systems such as Racing Experts are also reliable sources of horse racing tips. Many of the selections made by these sources are suitable to be used as Lucky 15 tips.

Social Media

Social Media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are rife with accounts and pages claiming to provide excellent horse racing tips.

Needless to say, a lot of these sources do not offer a great deal of value. But there are many accounts which offer excellent betting advice if you put the time in to identify them. Many of the social media tipsters will often focus on horses that run at fairly large odds.

This makes them ideal Lucky 15 tips for today or whenever they happen to be running. If you are looking for a free source of Lucky 15 tips then social media should be an important focus for you.

TV Pundits

TV pundits routinely hand out tips for horses in virtually every televised race. This is to keep their broadcasts engaging and interesting for viewers.

However, many of these pundits are merely glorified TV presenters. Their horse racing knowledge and the horse racing tips they share should be treated with extreme caution.

Some notable experts such as Chris Dixon, Eddie Fremantle or James Willoughby can be listened to and treated as excellent sources of advice.

But if you are looking for Lucky 15 tips for today, tread carefully when listening to presenters on TV channels. They got their jobs using their presenting skills, not their betting expertise.

Racecourse Networking

If you’re lucky enough to have time to go racing regularly, it is very easy to network with some of the UK’s most knowledgable gamblers.

Many of the quiet, unassuming characters you might see at a quiet weekday race meeting will actually be very serious professional gamblers.

Don’t expect to see them waving money around or surrounded by glamourous hangers on. These are everyday people who have developed skills that enable them to make a living purely by betting.

And they are great people to meet and get to know if you want to make money from gambling.

Many of the best racing form analysts or ‘judges’ are to be found on-course regularly and often find elusive winners at very good odds. Networking with these people can give you a huge boost. Many of their bets would be perfect Lucky 15 tips for horse racing bets.

Local Betting Shop Sources

Your local betting shop is like a poor simulation of actually being on the racecourse.

Unfortunately a lot of hopeless and addicted gamblers can be found in these venues. But that doesn’t mean to say that everyone in your local betting shop is a mug punter.

Indeed, a lot of very good gamblers don’t have the time to travel to the races. Certainly not every day. And it is far quicker, cheaper and more convenient for them to congregate in their local betting shop, rather than travelling miles to the races.

If you spend some time in these places you will soon identify the better gamblers. Many of these characters will be happy to share their fancies. And if you are trying to find four good bets for today’s Lucky 15, horse racing tips from your local betting shop can sometimes prove profitable.

The next time you’re at the bookies or log in to your betting app, why don’t you try a small Lucky 15 and see if today is the day. With the right Lucky 15 tips for today you can greatly increase your chances of a big payout for small stakes.

How to Find Winning Lucky 15 Tips for Today

If you’re looking for Lucky 15 tips for today, there are several places you can turn to for advice. Here are some of the best sources for finding winning Lucky 15 tips:

Racing Post – A comprehensive horse racing website that provides daily tips. You can easily build a Lucky 15 bet using the information on this website. Follow the Racing Post on Twitter and Facebook.

At The Races – A horse racing website that provides daily lucky 15 tips from their team of expert tipsters. Follow them for racing insights on Twitter and Facebook.

Oddschecker – A website that compares odds from different bookmakers and provides daily lucky 15 tips. Follow Oddschecker on Twitter and Facebook.

Paul Gargan Racing – A professional gambler and horse racing expert who provides racing tips by email. Also runs popular Telegram and other social media accounts. Follow PGR on Twitter and Facebook.

Racing Experts – This horse racing website provides regular lucky 15 tips. The site contains vast amounts of valuable information for horse racing enthusiasts.

What is a Lucky 15 Bet in Horse Racing?

A Lucky 15 bet in horse racing is a type of permutation bet on four different horses in separate races.

The 15 bets of the Lucky 15 bet include:

  • 4 singles
  • 6 doubles
  • 4 trebles
  • 1 four-fold accumulator

A Lucky 15 bet is a popular bet in horse racing. There are a number of advantages to this type of bet. In addition to the large returns that can be earned, you can also take advantage of the bonuses that some bookmakers offer that are linked specifically to Lucky 15 bets.

Another popular permutation bet in horse racing is called a Yankee, which is also placed on four horses. However, the Yankee is only 11 bets in total as it does not include the 4 single bets from the list above.

You could hit a massive payout if all four of your horses come in. But due to the nature of the bet, even if you only back one winner from four horses, you will get some of your money back.

This would not be the case with a Yankee, because the 4 single bets are not included. If you place a Yankee, you need at least 2 selections to win in order to get a payout.

For that reason, Lucky 15 bets are often preferred by many gamblers. If you can identify a strong Nap bet to build a Lucky 15 on, this can create a huge advantage.

Exploring Lucky 15 and Yankee Bets in Horse Racing

In horse racing betting, whether to go for a Lucky 15 or a Yankee often boils down to the odds of your selected horses. Let’s break it down a bit more.

With a Lucky 15, you’re betting on four horses. If these horses are at short odds, you might not see significant returns, even if one or two win. This bet covers 15 different combinations.

On the other hand, a Yankee bet also involves four horses but consists of 11 bets, excluding the 4 single bets included in the Lucky 15. With this type of bet, you might also at least two winners to potentially break even or turn a profit, unless you’re playing tasty prices.

When the odds are longer, a Lucky 15 could offer greater potential returns, as a single winner might yield a more substantial win. However, for shorter odds, achieving two winners, which might be more feasible, aligns well with the structure of a Yankee bet.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on the odds, the individual makeup of the races and your own lucky 15 betting strategy. Remember, each race and bet offers a unique set of chances.

We hope this article helps cover everything you could possibly need to know about Lucky 15 Tips and how to place this fun type of bet. Best of luck with your Lucky 15 selections!

How Many Bets Are in a Lucky 15?

“There are fifteen separate bets in a Lucky 15 bet”

These include four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold accumulator on all four selections.

The number of bets in a Lucky 15 never varies. It is always on four horses. Althought the odds for your Lucky 15 can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. A Lucky 15 bet comprises singles, doubles, trebles and an accumulator.

Lucky 15 bets are great because they can offer a major windfall for relatively small stakes.

The Lucky 15 can be made on any combination of four sporting events. However, it is best to choose a sport where you believe you have a chance of identifying multiple winners. This is because you’ll get a far higher payout if multiple selections win.

If only one selection wins, you will need that selection to win at odds of 14/1 or greater to get your original Lucky 15 stake back

For example:

£1 Lucky 15 (fifteen bets) = £15 stakes

1 winner at 14/1 (one winning bet) = £15 payout

Other 14 bets lose = £0 return

Total outcome = £0 profit or loss

So, in simple terms a Lucky 15 is a quick way to cover all possible outcomes for your four selections. And places an equal stake on each of the 15 bets.


How Many Horses in a Lucky 15?

“There are always four horses in a Lucky 15”

A Lucky 15 is a popular horse racing bet. There are always four horses in a Lucky 15. If there are more or less, it’s a bet with a different name!

This particular type of bet comprises of 15 individual bets. These cover all the various permutations of outcomes for four separate horses.

Those bets are: 4 single bets, 6 double bets, 4 treble bets and 1 four-fold accumulator bet.

People who place a Lucky 15 are looking for a simple way to place a fast bet covering 4 separate horses.

The Lucky 15 is a very popular wager. Working out Lucky 15 payouts can be tricky. Using an online bet calculators can help you keep track of what you could win.

You can also run ‘what-if’ bet scenarios to assess all the different potential outcomes.

Most advanced gamblers will do this whilst calculating stakes for their Lucky 15. Whatever the source of your bets or Lucky 15 tips for today. If you want to see the full potential of your bet then you should follow suit.

And remember. You always need at least one winner to get any payout for your Lucky 15 bet. And it’s only really worth opting for Lucky 15 bets if you think there’s a very real chance of having 2+ bets.


What Is An Each-Way Lucky 15?

So far we’ve explained what a Lucky 15 bet is. How many horses are in a Lucky 15. And some advice about how to find Lucky 15 tips for today.

But one important thing we’ve yet to expand on is the ‘each-way Lucky 15 bet’.

A typical Lucky 15 is a win-only combination bet involving four separate horses. Each has to run in separate races.
As you may know, it’s also possible to place an each-way Lucky 15. The each-way variation of this bet simply places two separate Lucky 15 bets.

One of the bets is the win only Lucky 15 bet involving 15 different win permutations. The other bet is a place only combination bet of 15 place bet permutations.

All 30 of the permutations will be covered by the same stake.

Place terms vary between races based on field size and race type. There may also be promotions for extra places offered by some bookies.

The vast majority of horse races which have each-way terms available pay out 1/4 or 1/5 of the win odds for a successful place bet.

For example:

A horse is 10/1 in the win market.

If the place terms for each-way bets offer 1/4 of the odds, the place part of your each-way bet will be settled at 5/2 (one-quarter of the win odds).

If the place terms offer 1/5 of the odds, the place part of your each-way bet would be settled at odds of 2/1 (one-fifth of the win odds). But only if the horse places.

This kind of bet can be very popular in large field races at showcase meetings such as the Cheltenham Festival.

How Many Places Are There In An Each Way Bet?

There is a very simple, standard range of places in a horse race in the UK which is based on the runners in a race.

Also, it usually matters if the race is a handicap or a non-handicap race.

Please note this is the standard range of terms and many bookmakers offer extra places as an incentive to their customer pretty much every day.

This is a huge edge for an each-way gambler, and even more so for an each-way Lucky 15 if more than one race in the best has bonus places.

  • 1-4 Runners – Win only terms for a race of less than 5 runners. No place terms available.
  • 5-7 Runners – 1/4 of the odds, first two places only
  • 8+ Runners in a non-handicap – 1/5 of the odds, first three places only
  • 12-15 Runners in a handicap – 1/4 of the odds, first three places only
  • 16+ Runners in a handicap – 1/4 of the odds, first four places only

It’s always worth comparing bookmakers terms when considering an each-way bet or each-way Lucky 15 as any extra places or enhanced payouts could have a huge impact on your profits.


How to Do a Lucky 15?

Want to know how to do a Lucky 15? This bet is a popular choice in horse racing and greyhound racing, and it’s also used in football and other sports betting. It’s known for its potential to bring significant returns.

So, how do we do a Lucky 15? It combines single, double, treble, and accumulator bets into one. Even with just one winning selection, you can expect a return. To estimate your potential winnings, a Lucky 15 calculator can be quite handy.

The appeal of a Lucky 15 lies in its ability to cover 15 different bet combinations from just four selections, all for a fixed stake. This makes it a quick and comprehensive way to bet on your chosen outcomes.

To get started, gather your top tips or picks for today and narrow them down to four key selections. When you’re ready to place your bet, either on a betting slip or via a betting app, remember that your stake will be multiplied by 15. This covers all 15 bets in your Lucky 15.

Lucky 15 Examples

For example:

£1 Lucky 15 = £15 total stake

£5 Lucky 15 = £75 total stake

If you are placing an each-way Lucky 15, the number of bets is doubled to 30 to allow for the 15 place bets you are also betting upon.

The total stakes for an each-way Lucky 15 will therefore be multiplied by 30.

For example:

£1 Each-Way Lucky 15 = £30 total stake

£5 Each-Way Lucky 15 = £150 total stake

If you want to do  Lucky 15 it will always require four selections and for you to decide your stake. If all four of them win, you’ll receive a payout for all bets and you are set for a windfall.

Lucky 15s have been known to make some punters a healthy profit even when only two or three selections win. This depends on the odds being high enough to show a profit even when some of your permutations don’t win.

Many bookmakers offer Lucky 15 bonuses to customers and it’s always worth comparing bookie offers to see if you can benefit from any of these Lucky 15 bonus terms.

What other types of Lucky bets are there?

There are 3 separate types of combination bet with the prefix ‘Lucky’ in it’s name.

These bets always cover all permutations of the chosen selections, including the single bets on chosen selections.

Here is the list of three different types of Lucky bets:

  • Lucky 15 – 4 selections covered by 15 bets

  • Lucky 31 – 5 selections covered by 31 bets

  • Lucky 63 – 6 selections covered by 63 bets

These kinds of bets have huge payout potential but are hard to land. For this reason, many bookmakers offer bonuses for these types of Lucky bets.

That is why it’s vitally important to source the best Lucky 15 tips for today when planning these large permutation bets.

As always, it’s advisable to check available offers whenever planning your Lucky 15, Lucky 31 or Lucky 63 bet!

How to Place a Lucky 15 Bet?

The Lucky 15 is a combination of single, double, treble and accumulator bets. As long as you have one winner in the four legs of the Lucky 15, you’re guaranteed to receive some kind of payout. Although unless it’s a 14/1 chance or bigger, just one winner won’t win your total stake back!
If you want to figure out exactly what you could win, it is easy to use either a betting calculator or betting app.
For example, if you were to place a £1 Lucky 15, this would mean that your total stake would be £15. This is your initial £1 multiplied by the 15 different outcome permutations.
Should you decide to opt for a £5 Lucky 15, this would result in a total stake of £75 (£5 x 15).
This bet is popular among punters because placing one bet allows them to capitalise on all fifteen potential outcomes. And negates having to mess around with multiple bets.
This helps ensure that everyone has access to an opportunity for potential returns. But also eliminates any guesswork or mistakes when it comes to calculating how much the total stake is.
All in all, this makes the Lucky 15 a straightforward and effective bet. Try your luck with your own Lucky 15 bet today!
The total stakes for an each-way Lucky 15 is a great option for any punter looking to make a return off a smaller stake.
It’s based on four individual horses or selections in different types of sport or other event. If all four of your selections win, you’ll receive a large windfall payout in comparison to your stake. Unless you’ve linked four big odds-on selections together.
Even if just two or three selections end up winning, it’s still possible to make some money if the odds are large enough. That’s why the quality of your Lucky 15 tips is essential. No hopers = no payout.

Lucky 15 Bookmaker Bonuses

Bookmakers often offer bonuses for customers when they place Lucky 15s. It’s worth checking out different bookmakers’ offers to see what kind of bonuses you’re eligible for when placing your Lucky 15 bet.

The total stakes for an each-way Lucky 15 will therefore be multiplied by 30 – so if you choose to put down a £1 each-way bet, this would mean you’d be staking a total of £30 overall.

Similarly with an £5 each-way which would now total £150 in stakes.

It’s important to consider how much you are willing to stake before settling on any particular type of bet – and also factor in any bonuses offered by bookmakers as well as understanding the probability of success with multiple permutations before committing to any wager.

How to Work a Lucky 15 Out

A Lucky 15 bet is a type of bet that is popular among many gamblers looking to make some money in the sports betting world. It is a combination of 15 different bets on four selections and consists of various types of wagers including singles, doubles, trebles and four-folds.

This type of bet offers an excellent opportunity for punters to increase their chances of winning and get a bigger payout.

To calculate the payout from a Lucky 15 bet, you first need to understand the odds associated with each bet. You will also need to know how much your total stake is so that you can calculate the total returns on winnings.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to work out the payout from a Lucky 15 bet, once you have your Lucky 15 tips for today finalised.

How To Work A Lucky 15 Out – Step By Step

1. First determine the odds associated with each selection in your Lucky 15 bet – these are usually listed alongside the name of each selection when making your wager.

2. Calculate how much your total stake is for all 15 bets – this should be easy enough as you will have already decided on how much money you want to risk before placing your wager

3. Calculate the individual payouts for each selection using the odds associated with them. This can be done by multiplying each selection’s odds by your total stake amount expressed as decimal numbers (e.g if you have selected 1/2 then multiply it by 0.5)

4. Work out the combined potential payout from all 15 selections by adding together all individual payouts calculated in Step 3 above (e.g if one selection pays out £12 and another pays out £15 then add both amounts together to give you £27)

5. Subtract your original stake amount from this combined potential payout figure (e.g if your original stake was £20 then subtract this figure from £27 giving you a net profit of £7). This net profit figure represents what you could potentially win should all selections come in correctly during playtime!

Note that this does not take into account any deductions or bonuses which may be applied once all selections have been made and processed, so it is important to check this prior to submitting any bets!

Other Things To Consider When Working Out My Lucky 15

For those who are more experienced with placing sports bets, there are various strategies which can be used when making use of a Lucky 15 bet.

These include hedging or multiple betting options so always ensure that these factors are taken into consideration when calculating any potential returns on winnings!

Overall, calculating payouts from Lucky 15 Bets does require some skill but it certainly doesn’t have to be complicated or daunting!

By following these simple steps outlined above, anyone can quickly learn how to work out their returns on winnings like an expert gambler! So why not give it try today? With a little bit of knowledge and practice, you too could soon become an accomplished lucky winner!

How to Calculate a Lucky 15 Bet

A Lucky 15 bet is a type of bet that is popular among sports fans and gamblers. As with any Lucky 15 bet in racing, the key to understanding it lies in knowing how to calculate the potential payout.

To help you get an idea of just how much can be won using a Lucky 15 bet, here is a guide on how to calculate its payout.

To begin with, let’s start by defining what a Lucky 15 bet is. It’s a type of multiple bet consisting of 15 bets, 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 four-fold accumulator.

Punters must select four horses for each race in which they would like to place their bets and these selections must be made in order for the bet to stand

Next you do your research and gather up your Lucky 15 tips for today. Once the selections have been decided, punters can then work out their potential winnings from the Lucky 15 by multiplying their stake by the odds of each selection that comes through.

For instance, if you placed £1 on a selection at odds of 2/1 and another selection at odds 2/5, you would need to multiply your £1 stake by 2/1 (which equals £2) and by 2/5 (which equals 40p).

The total value of this calculation would equal £2.40 which would then be your potential winnings should both selections come through. To calculate a Lucky 15 you need to repeat this process for all 15 bets placed that contain a winner.

Lucky 15 Number Of Winning Bets by Number Of Winners

  • 1 winner = 1 winning single
  • 2 winners = 2 winning singles, 1 winning double (3 winners)
  • 3 winners = 3 winning singles, 3 winning doubles, 1 winning treble (7 winners)
  • 4 winners = 4 winning singles, 6 winning doubles, 4 winning trebles & 1 winning four-fold accumulator (15 winners)

This calculation also works if you were taking part in an accumulator or multiple bet such as the Lucky 15. In this case, you would need to firstly work out all possible combinations from your four selected horses (i.e single bets, double bets etc.).

Once you have calculated all these combinations, you can then add them together to find out your total wager for the Lucky 15 accumulator – this will generally be 4 times your stake as there are 4 different singles bets in a Lucky 15 accumulator.

So How Do I Calculate The Payout For Each Individual Bet?

Next up is where things get tricky. Calculating payouts for each bet in your Lucky 15 requires some serious multiplication!
To do so you will need to multiply the odds for the fifteen bets at whatever odds you receive. And this must be done for all winning permutations to calculate an accurate payout.
To save yourself so much work, use an online betting calcuator instead.
All you need to do is input the odds of the four horses into a bet calculator. Then select which ones won and click ‘calculate’. This will display the precise payout for your Lucky 15 bet.
If you’re doing this before the horses run you can manually run ‘what-if’ scenarios. This will show you potential payouts for different outcomes.
You can do this by marking different combinations of horses as winners. This will show you what the different possible payouts look like.
Calculating winnings for a Lucky 15 Bet Accumulator isn’t easy. But with some patience and practice it definitely does become easier over time.
Using online bet calcuators instead of manual calculations is highly recommended.
So why not place a Lucky 15 today. Take a look at an online bet calculator. And see how much you could win from a successful Lucky 15 bet.

How to Calculate Lucky 15 Winnings

A Lucky 15 bet is one of the most popular multiple bets among UK horse racing punters.
It is a combination bet that consists of fifteen separate bets across four selections. This makes it ideal for those who like to spread their betting risk.
But when it comes time to collect your winnings, calculating the payout from a Lucky 15 bet can be complex.
To help, here are step-by-step instructions on how to calculate the payout from a Lucky 15 bet.
First, you need to figure out how much you want to stake on each individual selection. This will depend on how much money you choose to put into your Lucky 15 Bet.
It will also depend on the quality of your Lucky 15 tips for today, or the picks you have made yourself. All Lucky 15’s contain four selections.
But some people place ‘permed Lucky 15’s’ which places several Lucky 15 bets covering a larger group of selections. We’ll cover that in another article!
Next, you will need to determine how much each of the fifteen possible outcomes pays out according to odds provided by your bookmaker.
The Lucky 15 Bets contain the following bet types:
  • Single (one winner)
  • Double (two winners)
  • Treble (three winners)
Depending on your bookmaker, payout terms can vary. So make sure you read your bookies terms before placing your bet.

Maximising Returns After Calculating Bet Winnings

After you’ve calculated your potential payouts from the odds offered by your bookie, it’s time to decide what to do with your winnings.

Most online bookies in the UK offer easy options for punters to withdraw their funds. You can usually transfer your winnings straight to your debit or credit card. Alternatively, many punters choose to reinvest their winnings into new bets, like accumulators or trixies. It’s important to consider what suits your betting strategy and financial plans. Whether withdrawing or reinvesting, ensure you’re familiar with your bookmaker’s procedures.

Understanding the payout from a Lucky 15 Bet is straightforward but requires careful consideration of the different combinations of horses or bets. This bet type can be quite lucrative, so it pays to be meticulous.

Finally, before you place your Lucky 15, it’s wise to compare the bonuses different bookies offer. Look for those with the best terms for Lucky 15 bets. This can add significant value to your bet and increase your potential returns. Always remember, a well-placed bet is more likely to be a winning one. Best of luck!

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